History of the Nyform trolls,

Far towards the North, where the winter storms from the Arctic Ocean cover the uncovered shores, lies a long and narrow country. In our present time there is only snow here during the winter months, but long ago a thousand-year-old glacier covered the country. When the climate changed slowly and the glacier retreated further Northward, the people who lived on the South side followed. They took the land into their own hands and called it Norway. The people saw that the country was beautiful and thought they were the first inhabitants. But it did not take long before they found out that there were some strange characters living in the most peculiar places long before their arrival. In the mountains, where there were many of the trolls lived. The trolls had a chief and his name was '' Dovregubben ''. Some trolls were extremely large, where others were very small. But they were all very old! The trolls were only seen during twilight and at night, because they did not like daylight. If they did not hide in the mountains before the sun came up, the trolls turned into stones! Some people say they can catch a glimpse of the trolls as they walk through the forest. It is therefore wise to be extra careful when walking in nature, especially when it starts to get dark. Do not forget that the trolls can see you!

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